We don't want to sell Chinese scumbags, but the best from our small producers





Our ModernOnlineStores project, changing the world of business relations, shopping, production, consumption, and rewarding employees.

The edmode.net project is being prepared by ED MODE IBC LLC and cooperating companies. We are preparing a new company for the management of the edmode.net e-shop in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Due to a global pandemic, our project has been suspended. Now the preparations are continuing again and will take place on a regional scale.

What we doing?

We are talking about direct relationships between producer and consumer, their feedback and meaningful use of fast internet, online shopping, interactive shopping for online shopping. And all the goods that a normal consumer needs.

We are a modern trading and marketing platform we have called NEW FAIR TRADE.

We are looking for environmentally friendly and economical packaging without unnecessary advertising that is simply recycled or decomposed; it is about a better symbiosis of those who buy and what they produce; we are limiting the power of buskers and strings who are making a bad deal at the expense of both consumers and both primary producers and producers. And they are still doing so. He does not have to!

Elected politicians can not really manage the world today. In fact, people are controlled by hyperbank, hypermarkets, pharmaceutical corporations, corporations, mega chains, food distributors, and global structures.

We are limiting their power, we offer better prices, high utility value, and a high level of consumer service. It's about changing business.

The present world lives in virtual reality. In fact, we live in debt and consumption. Paradoxically, corporations get rich at the expense of their consumers! 

Higher consumption of people on which there are so many parasites is constantly supported. Advertising lies to people and creates the belief that they buy in a convenient and cheap way. It's just a lie and a myth. 

Real convenience is not shopping at shopping malls. And the difference between the actual cost of goods and the price for consumers is often huge! Who has the most? Primary producers, growers, breeders? Or end consumers? No ! They're traffickers! 

The most profitable are distributors, importers, exclusive dealers and multinational chains, who are pushing their buying prices down. Who dictates their business conditions and controls for them profitable end-selling prices. And that is true today in almost all sectors.

The future world must live on high labor productivity, significantly less working hours and better prices for consumers. Thanks to super fast internet shopping and modern business relationships, it is possible. We can get rid of the pliers of advertising and our manipulation. That is why we are developing our NEW FAIR TRADE.

Internet and social networks are considered free and independent media. But the opposite is true. The Internet is a great world of corporate psychopaths and exibitionists of all kinds. People who think they have a hidden identity or the power to manipulate the masses. Operators use a huge explosion of head cleaners, artificially created fan accounts, virtual friends, fantastic accounts, laymen and cleaning teams to wipe out a huge amount of dirt and mud in the online environment. And government interventions, censorship and monitoring. Posting fake messages to networks, unnecessary commenting on what we present is now the most common. In many cases, journalists write anything for money, and not just in the tabloid.

We can use fast internet for safe and comfortable shopping, for example in department stores at edmode.net. Purchase in enterprise interactive stores of large, medium-sized primary producers and manufacturers worldwide. And without selling more ads. No more annoying pop-ups.

That is why we are building a ModernFavor - Mf network that will be designed only for certified consumers and will only communicate on edmode.net shopping. Thank you for all your opinions. We give feedback from consumers to manufacturers for feedback. After all, consumers choose, according to their satisfaction, which of the stores will be on the edmode.net platform. 

Changing thinking, changing business relationships and changing business policies are essential to improve the environment. It's up to us all. Changes in the purchasing system can only be promoted by consumers. While this does not seem to be the case, the global consumer community is very strong and, thanks to the strength of the fast internet, can change the balance of power on the trading and economic board to its advantage. If the product appears to be overpriced or bad, consumers should share it and stop buying it.

Our goal is to divide a part of the current margins into parts that will increase the value of the products, partly in order to increase the space for development of primary producers and work on the loyalty bonus for end consumers. 

We want the spirit of our project to change the world of shopping. We want to improve jobs and income in those places in the world where there is hunger, poverty, disease and where people are dying unnecessarily. Where people migrate because they have been impoverished in the past and are now the basis of the experiments. People in rape countries want a better life for themselves but also for their children. We want to improve income for workers and regions where wages are still low. 

Consumers must take it into their own hands. No one else will do it.

We create both jobs and sales for our business partners, primary producers and mid-sized producers around the world. Simply shop in the primary store and producer's online stores.

The most important interaction is the relationship to the family, the proximity to each other and the personal communication with the people we love. The family is much more than stressful and distorted workplace relationships that culminate in frustration, complexity, and often family loss. 

It is up to each of us to find a good place and change our lives. 

                           "It´s not an easy way out Earth to the stars". SENECA

"The world is a dangerous place to live, not for bad people, but for those who will not do anything against them."   Albert Einstein

Together we can change the world for a better life